Puzzle Horse Games
Amazing Horses

Play this puzzle game featuring horses.  For beginners choose a 12 piece jigsaw puzzle all the way up to 99 pieces for advanced puzzle solvers.  Use your mouse to play.  Good luck.

Black Horse Jigsaw
Use the mouse and see if you can complete this 16 piece jigsaw horse puzzle.
Black Horse Jigsaw

Use your mouse to solve this 16 piece jigsaw puzzle featuring a black horse.

Find the Differences: Horses!

In this classic spot the difference game, try to find the differences in 20 pictures.  When you spot them, use your mouse to click the spot and earn points.

Horse Games

Everyone loves horses.... complete the 6 puzzles here to see amazing pictures of horses in the horse game Horse Games
use your mouse to complete the puzzles

Horse Jigsaw

Horse Jigsaw Puzzle. 12, 48 and 192 pieces. Can you solve it?
Use mouse to click and drag pieces together.

horse racing 3D

Jigsaw Puzzle - horse racing 3D

Horse Show Jumping
Use your mouse to solve this jigsaw puzzle featuring a picture of an equestrian show jumper.
Can you solve all 6 puzzles in this horse based puzzle game?  Use your mouse to play.
Horses Sliding
Horses Sliding is a 9 piece slider puzzle for you to solve by moving 1 block at a time.  Use your mouse or the arrow keys to play this puzzle game.
Jigsaw: Mountain Horse
Solve this horse jigsaw puzzle featuring a beautiful horse out in the mountains.
Magic Horse Jigsaw
Solve this jigsaw puzzle to reveal a scene of a horse standing in a mystical forrest.  Solve as quickly as you can to get a new highscore.
Memory Game: Horses!
Remember the classic childhood game memory?  Thats what this game is only it features pictures of horses for you to play with.  Match as many pairs of the same horse as you can and try and remember where each horse is.
myHorse Match

A horse twist on the simple game of memory.  Use your mouse and click the cards to reveal a horse.  Use your memory to remember where each horse picture is and do your best to match pairs of the same horse in this game.  How good is your memory?

Polo Horse Game

Put the fun horse polo pictures together
Use the mouse to solve the puzzles

Running Horse Jigsaw
A 16 piece jigsaw puzzle game featuring a picture of a horse running along the beach.
Stride Horse Jigsaw
Another 16 piece jigsaw puzzle featuring a picture of a horse in stride.
White Horse Jigsaw Puzzle

Play and solve a jigsaw puzzle featuring a picture of a stunning white horse.  Use your mouse to play and select from either a 12, 24, 48, 64 or even a 99 piece puzzle for you to solve.

Wild big horse slide puzzle

Solve this puzzle slider game of a wild horse with your mouse.


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