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Horse Riding Girl Dress Up

Claire is a horse riding fanatic.  She loves going out to the barn and riding horses.  But Claire also loves fashion.  It's her other passion in life.  However, she just has such a large wardrobe that she is always having trouble trying to figure out what to wear before she heads out on a hack.  Put your fashion sense to the the test and see how well you can dress Claire up.  Use your mouse to click on the different clothing and jewelry options to cycle through all of the options you can dress her up in.  As a bonus, you can also change the horse that Claire is going to ride.  Have fun playing dress up in this horse game.

Riding A Hobby Horse

Play Riding A Hobby Horse, a new fun horse related dress up game.  In this game, you control how to dress up this cute little horseback rider.  She isn't ready to go on a real horse just yet, but instead loves her toy horse.  It's a beautiful day to play with her horse toy and she wants to look her absolute best.  Dress up this young girl in all kinds of fun horse fashion by clicking on a clothing item and dragging it onto the girl.  You can change her hair, clothing, accessories and even the toy horse she rides in this game.  Have fun dressing her up in all kinds of different outfits.  Enjoy!

HorseWoman Dress up

Play Horse Woman Dress Up.  In this game, you get to dress up this beautiful horseback riding girl in all kinds of various equestrian outfits before she heads out on her daily ride.  Dress her up as you see fit and use your own sense of fashion and style.  But remember that she also wants to look like a perfect horseback rider because even though she spends a lot of her free time mucking stalls or hanging out in the barns, she always wants to look her absolute best when she is out on her horse and out for a ride.  After all, you never know who or what kind of cute boys she might ride past.Use your mouse to select from her various outfits and accessories.

My Baby Pony

Who doesn't love ponies?  Tinkerbell is everyones favorite pony and she loves playing with her friends and being dressed up.  As her owner, it's up to you to dress up cute little Tinkerbell so that she's the prettiest pony at the barn.  Use your mouse to select what you want to dress her up in.

On the Hunt

Jane is just a country girl that loves to hunt and ride horses.  Today she is off on a hunt for ducks for a good old fashioned country dinner.  Even though she is heading out on a hunt, she wants to look good doing it.  Help Jane dress up from her selection of clothing and accessories in this horse themed dress up game for girls.

Beauty Riding Camp

Vanessa loves her horse, loves to ride and loves fashion.  She is about to head out for a hack and wants to look her best on her favorite horse.  Go through Vanessa's wardrobe and help her pick out the perfect outfit for her to go for a horseback ride in.  Choose from all kinds of clothing and accessories in this dress up game.  Use your mouse to play and have fun.

Horse Jumping 3D
Play Horse Jumping 3d.  A game in which you star in a jumping event.  Guide your hose over jumps and score points or play a Dressage game as well. When jumping, your speed is shown by the pink arrow.  Hit jump when the square turns yellow or green.  Use the spacebar to jump.  Left and right arrow keys move your horse and the up and down arrows will control the speed of the horse. In the Dressage game, move your horse over the yellow circles in the speed recommended by the pink arrows.
Girl And Horse Coloring Game
Take this black and white picture of a girl and her horse and add some color to spice things up.  In this coloring game, just use your mouse, choose a color and paint the picture yourself until it's a masterpiece.
Amazing Horses

Play this puzzle game featuring horses.  For beginners choose a 12 piece jigsaw puzzle all the way up to 99 pieces for advanced puzzle solvers.  Use your mouse to play.  Good luck.

myHorse Match

A horse twist on the simple game of memory.  Use your mouse and click the cards to reveal a horse.  Use your memory to remember where each horse picture is and do your best to match pairs of the same horse in this game.  How good is your memory?

Find the Differences: Horses!

In this classic spot the difference game, try to find the differences in 20 pictures.  When you spot them, use your mouse to click the spot and earn points.

White Horse Jigsaw Puzzle

Play and solve a jigsaw puzzle featuring a picture of a stunning white horse.  Use your mouse to play and select from either a 12, 24, 48, 64 or even a 99 piece puzzle for you to solve.

Black Horse Jigsaw

Use your mouse to solve this 16 piece jigsaw puzzle featuring a black horse.

Wild big horse slide puzzle

Solve this puzzle slider game of a wild horse with your mouse.

Horse Jumping
Rebecca is about to saddle her favorite horse up and take him for some jumps.  The only problem is she needs something to wear.  Use your mouse to  pick and choose from Rebecca's wardrobe to find the perfect outfit for her to jump her horse with.
Country Girl Dress Up
Lisa loves riding horses.  She is about to get ready for a nice horse ride through the country.  She is such a country girl at heart and loves her style and fashion to reflect that.  Help dress her up in the perfect cowgirl outfit to perfectly match her horse.
Memory Game: Horses!
Remember the classic childhood game memory?  Thats what this game is only it features pictures of horses for you to play with.  Match as many pairs of the same horse as you can and try and remember where each horse is.
Horse Jigsaw

Horse Jigsaw Puzzle. 12, 48 and 192 pieces. Can you solve it?
Use mouse to click and drag pieces together.

Magic Horse Jigsaw
Solve this jigsaw puzzle to reveal a scene of a horse standing in a mystical forrest.  Solve as quickly as you can to get a new highscore.
Jigsaw: Mountain Horse
Solve this horse jigsaw puzzle featuring a beautiful horse out in the mountains.

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