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CDC Game

In this betting horse racing game, just simply pick a horse and bet on it to win.  How will you do at the races?

Gold Cup Championship

It's time for the Gold Cup Championship.  Horses and jocky's from around the world have gathered to compete for the ultimate prize,the Gold Cup on 6 different racetracks.  Can you win them all? To play use the arrow keys to move your horse.  Spacebar will use your whip to try and get your horse to go a little faster and the CTRL key jumps.

Horse Bet Racing
Horse racing, the sport of kings and queens.  Now you can have the fun of betting of horses in this virtual betting horse racing game without having to worry about losing your hard earned cash. Select your favorite horse, the amount of your wager and what kind of bet you would wish to make.  Hopefully your horse crosses the winning line first.  Good luck.
Horse Racing - Flat Race
A simple horse racing gambling game.  Which horse do you think will win the race.  Select a horse and place a bet.  Win the big money or go home empty handed.
Horse Racing Steeplechase
In this horse racing game you can simply just bet on who you think the winning horse will be or you can also make your bets and be the jockey and ride your way to win the race. To play use your mouse.  If you are playing as the jockey, use the right arrow key to race and the CTRL button will jump.
Use your horse to jump over obstacles to gain points to win.  To play use the up arrow key to jump and the right arrow key to speed up your horse.
Racehorse Tycoon
In this horse racing RPG simulator you are a race horse tycoon.  Buy a horse, pick the right jockey, hire a training staff and start winning some races.  Do you have what it takes to be a titan in horse racing?  Bet on horses to increase your winnings!
Simon In Wonderland
In this game you play as Simon the horse.  He is looking for his beloved and needs to find her 4 horseshoes so that they can go on a ride together through the Wonderland countryside.  You must help Simon find her and avoid the obstacles that will inflict damage and take away from your energy.  As well you will have to watch out for and avoid the evil wasp and hedgehog that have it out for you.  Look for cake to help recharge your energy. To play, use your mouse to the right to speed up and left to slow down.  Click the mouse button to jump over obstacles.  The faster Simon is going, the higher he will jump!
In this horse trainer simulation game you have decided to enter the world of horse racing.  After purchasing a beautiful white horse that you believe will become the next horse racing legend, you have 20 weeks to get your training in before the big race.  Keep an eye on your budget and use that money to select food, a jockey, coaching and everything else your horse needs to become a champion race horse.  As well you will be able to bet on your horse to increase your money.  Earn as much money as you can with your new horse. To play use the spacebar to jump.  The up and down arrow keys will move your horse up and down.  The left arrow key decreases speed and the right arrow key will increase his speed.  Watch out though.  Speed uses up your horses energy.  In some cases you need to conserve and save your energy so keep that in mind and slow your horse down when needed.
Whack a Horse Race
Whack A Horse Race is just like those midway carnival games you play.  The idea of the game is to win the horse race.  To do this, you need to use your mouse to whack the moles that come up.  For every mole you whack, your horse will move further in the race.  Miss them and your horse will not move.  Can you whack enough in time and win the race?

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